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Abernite was founded by Matthew Grant in 2016. Matthew has been involved in growing world leading analytical businesses for the insurance industry, from the early stages to mature and highly successful companies. 

Abernite was founded by Matthew Grant in 2016. Since then Matthew has worked with the founders, CEOs and Executive teams of over 20 of the fastest growing and successful businesses supporting the insurance industry. Clients range from the early stage to mature marketing leading companies from analytics, data and insurance itself. 

Twenty five years Matthew introduced catastrophe modelling to the European insurance industry. In the following two decades at RMS Matthew built a very successful global sales and marketing team and introduced a range of innovative new products and services to the market. 

In addition to running Abernite, Matthew is a partner and investor in Instech London, one of the most successful communities of people interested in innovation in insurance anywhere. 

Matthew is also an adviser and occasional investor, to start ups and provides advice to the professional investor community. Matthew writes regularly on the topics of innovation, technology, data, insurtech and insurance. He is also the host of the weekly Instech London Podcast. 

Matthew is the lead consultant for the majority Abernite projects, drawing on an extensive range of specialist associates as required.