Insurance is no longer a dirty word

Whether you believe it's ripe for disruption, or just an industry that needs help to catch up with the rest of the world, we can help you make the right choices of technology, give you marketing support to grow, partners to colloborate with and capital to connect it all together.

A different approach 

You always want the best people, but you don't need them all the time. 

"I've created Abernite to bring you the services, the people and partners you need to be successful. We're a different kind of company. We've only a few permanent staff and operate with a fraction of the overheads typically associated with running a business.  Through the experience and personal connections of the associates in the Abernite Consulting Network, we've proved we can offer the breadth of skills and the reach of a far larger organisation, delivering high value at a fraction of the price of a traditional consultancy." 

Matthew Grant, Founder Abernite Ltd


Sales & Marketing

You've successfully launched an analytics company.  Now you need to grow your business.

We help you frame the market and identify the opportunities. Our actionable plans make the best use of your resources. And we can be there at the sharp end to help you succeed.

abernite insight

Model & Technology Assessment

Buyer, seller or investor you need to be sure you are working with the right solutions.

Our detailed reports and bespoke assessment of models, technology and data, support by the Abernite Consulting Network, help you see through the smoke and look behind the mirrors.

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Introductions & Investment

You need to get to the right people quickly. We'll help you be successful.

We arrange events, introductions and investment opportunities, for those we consider to be the best business partners, clients, staff, investors and companies.


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