Market Assessment

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An assessment of the potential market for a product is an essential part of determining the viability and growth potential for new and established companies.  Well defined metrics, coupled with realistic goals for customer acquisition and client growth is part of the key foundation to long term success for a growing business or product line.

Quantifying the Total Addressable Market (TAM) and Total Serviceable Market (TSM) complement Company Assessment and Strategic Planning

Key parameters that correlate with the value of your product could include: premium value, exposure value or number of users. The impact of demographics and regulations is increasingly important. We define what the market is; which companies or types of companies are expected to buy the product and how these should these categorised. 

The geographical scope and target company size needs to be defined. Understanding price sensitivity and willingness to buy is important. Market research studies can establish which internal budgets a prospective client has access to, often identifying new sources of funding. 

Market assessments can be desk based or combined with face to face or telephone interviews.