Assisting start up to continue to grow in commercial insurance market

"With his experience developing, marketing and selling analytics tools and data to global commercial insurers, Matthew has been able to help us focus on solving the most important problems for insurers. Through his extensive network of potential clients and partners, we have been able to rapidly expand our relationships in the global re/insurance market"

Richard Hartley, CEO Cytora

Cytora was founded in 2013 in an effort to quantify and manage economic, environmental and social risk. Using self-learning algorithms, Cytora turns data from millions of disparate sources into useful insights, detecting and geolocating real world events in real time such as labour strikes, protests and factory fires.

Today the company counts major global names from finance, government, analytics and insurance amongst its clients. The team has set out to find answers to questions that could materially impact underwriting decisions, particularly for emerging commercial risks. Cytora aims to provide unique insight into leading indicators and trends, such as whether there are correlations between a country's economic condition and the number of cyber attacks that occur there, or whether an upward trend in fire damage in commercial properties predicts an increase in losses to onshore energy plants.

They discovered that despite, or possibly because of, the large volume of data, few standard datasets exist to answer these questions. Today Cytora is performing real-time, dynamic analytics to generate new classes of data for a range of business problems, old and new. To help identify opportunities in the complex world of commercial insurance, reinsurance and broking Matthew Grant joined Cytora as an advisor in 2016.