Review of investment opportunities for Venture Capital Investment Fund

A major VC firm has been working with Abernite to review opportunities in Europe for potential investments in companies looking for funding at Series A or later. 

As part of our ongoing work in the insurance technology ("Insurtech") community, we are tracking all emerging and established technology companies in Europe, and many of the companies globally with proposition in selected areas such as IOT, smart contracts and machine learning. We keep track of the new companies emerging from the main accelerators and incubators. We meet with the management of those companies that we believe have a strong and viable proposition in the commercial insurance, speciality, wholesale and reinsurance space. To help provide an overall context to individual company performance and potential, we provide summaries of market trends and global M & A activity within the insurance data and analytics companies. When we see a good fit for our client's investment objectives we have make the introductions. 

The work has been lead by Matthew Grant, drawing on the research team in the Abernite Consultant Network, and relationship with Abernite partner companies.