Providers of analytics for cyber insurance

Providers of analytics & data for cyber insurers

Providers of analytics & data for cyber insurers

With an increasing recognition of the opportunities for new revenue coming from cyber insurance, there has been a growth in the number of companies providing data and tools to help insurers understand, analyse and mitigage the risks.

This preliminary study defined 8 areas where analytics are used in the insurance workflow. Each of the existing companies providing analytics or data to support cyber insurance was identifed, along with a selection of recent startups and a commentary provided an overview of the tools available.

The first version of this report is available on request.

Mapping out the next stage of growth for established analytical tool

A fast growing technology company serving the London and US reinsurance market had successfully created a new tool to address a critical gap in the market. They now needed to demonstrate the case for investment in enhancements that could result in a major global expansion.